Mastering YouTube for Profit: 5 Essential Steps to Making Money on the Platform

Looking for a side hustle that pays well or a full-time job? How to earn money on YouTube.

Why YouTube? You can find anything on YouTube!

You can also find a recap of the highlights from a sporting event that happened last night or 10 years ago. YouTube is a great place to find out how to sell on eBay or fix household issues. YouTube is the place to go if you are a fisherman who wants to learn new techniques.

YouTube is a vast source of information. YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google.

YouTube is also a fantastic source of entertainment. YouTube is a great place to find content that relates to a specific niche (such as ultimate Frisbee), or a favorite childhood show.

Table of Contents
For Your Business
YouTube: How to Earn Money
Step 1: Monetizing Your YouTube Channel
Step 2: Google AdSense
Step 3: YouTube sponsorship
Step 4: Turning a YouTube Channel Into Other Opportunities
Step 5: Playing by the Rules
What is the maximum you can earn?
The Bottom Line
For Your Business
YouTube is a great resource for business professionals who want to learn how to use new software or tools. You can find anything you’re looking for or need on YouTube.

Many people find it hard to believe that YouTube videos can make big money.

We were shocked when we learned that some YouTubers made millions of dollars. We could not imagine how such short videos generated so much money for their creators.

It all makes sense when you examine the specifics of how YouTube creators monetize.

To help you understand how much YouTubers earn, we have broken it down in a 5-step guide.

YouTube: How to Earn Money
We will discuss the strategies that creators employ to make money from vlogging.

Some techniques are based on good marketing skills.
Other are a way to appeal to niche interests.
It’s difficult to make money on YouTube.

This is how many vloggers made their dream a reality.

Step 1: Monetizing Your YouTube Channel
Your first step to making money on YouTube involves monetizing your YouTube channel. This was a simple process a decade back, but now it’s a little more complex.

YouTube channels can be monetized, but there is a process to apply for it. This is due to the volume of content that’s created and uploaded to the platform.

The application process requires that a channel have at least 1,000 subscribers, and at least 4,000 hours of video watched in the last 12 months. It sounds easier than it actually is.

Get Subscribers
Do you know 1000 people who’d subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Most people will say no. You may be surprised to learn that many people you know do not have the same interests as you or are unwilling to subscribe to your channel (even if it is free).

Many people are funny online and would prefer not to publicize their interests.

It is up to the creators of the videos to find an audience that will be interested in them. The channel must not only be entertaining but also provide valuable content to the viewers.

Your video should make the group watching it feel like they’re gaining from what you have created.

This is how you can create a targeted audience that will subscribe and support your YouTube channel.

In addition, even if the video you create is “good” and has value, it still needs to appeal to enough viewers to encourage them to watch your videos multiple times. Here’s how a blogger can accumulate 4,000 hours of content.

Working the Work
The time it takes to create 4,000 hours of video from 30-second and 5-minute clips is incredible.

In general, you need to have a lot of videos to make your content popular enough to watch and share. YouTubers are not only committed to making good videos. The commitment extends beyond the creation of good videos.

After a creator has earned 1,000 subscribers and watched 4,000 hours, they are eligible to apply for the channel monetization. This involves paying money to drive traffic and viewers towards YouTube and the creators’ channel.

Payment for this can vary A LOT. Your content can be a factor in whether YouTube associates their brand with your video. If YouTube’s regulators are not happy with your videos, they may demonetize them or reduce their payment.

This is their right, regardless of the number of people who watch your videos or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Logan Paul is a good example. He’s a YouTube star and a well-known content creator.

He posted a video recently of him exploring a Japanese forest. He found a dead person in the forest.

Many, including YouTube’s regulators, found his inclusion of his discovery distasteful. Paul’s channel and video suffered a significant demonetization as well as a loss of sponsorship.

This brings us to the next step of YouTube monetization.

Step 2: Google AdSense
You can apply to Google AdSense once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing.

Youtube Ad Example
Ad example for YouTube video
Google AdSense helps YouTube channels make money by placing ads. Google AdSense is a service that allows creators to earn more money through their YouTube channel.

AdSense allows them to earn money in exchange for placing a short video advertisement. You’ll see that if you regularly watch YouTube, there are often short advertisements at the start of videos. These ads can also be found in the middle or at the end of videos.

Google AdSense is a bridge between content creators, advertisers and publishers. Google finds advertising agencies who want to use their promotional content in a video on behalf of content creators. The advertising agency that pays the most wins.

Google AdSense works for the advertiser as well. They are looking for a place to post their content on a popular channel.

Google AdSense finds advertisers and places where they can advertise their products. Everyone makes money somewhere.

Content creators are paid for placing ads on their channels. Google AdSense also takes a cut from passive sales generated by the advertiser through product placement.

Overall, YouTube is a simple way for creators of all kinds to make money.

Step 3: YouTube sponsorship
Although Adsense is a popular way for YouTubers to make money, it may not always be the best option.

Sponsorships are possible, regardless of whether a person is able to monetize their YouTube channel. Sponsorships on YouTube are similar to those in sports.

If the content is reaching an audience that sponsors are interested in, then they will offer to sponsor the Youtuber in exchange for promoting their product.

We compared sports sponsorships to other types of sponsorships.

Many pro athletes are sponsored by top brands of athletic clothing such as Nike and Under Armour.

YouTube works in the same manner. Sponsors in many different fields may seek out content creators with diverse products and interests.

Video games are an area where a lot of YouTube creators find great success. Millions of dollars are paid to YouTube content creators who record themselves playing games or comment on other people’s gaming.

Sponsors who are interested in promoting their video games in the world of YouTubers contribute to their income.

Sean McLaughlin is the most popular YouTube commentator in Ireland.

Jacksepticeye is his gamer name. McLaughlin is also known as this. He generated $16 million in profit from his YouTube content and his sponsorships alone.

Step 4: Turning a YouTube Channel Into Other Opportunities
YouTube is a great way for individuals who want to start their career or build a name. Many artists have used YouTube to create content to attract an audience.

This allows them to gain public popularity. It is important to gain the attention of companies and individuals who may be able to offer them performance opportunities.

The days when Norma Jean had to take a small suitcase to LA or NYC and board a bus are long gone.

Instead of moving and attending endless casting calls, performers can now create a channel that showcases their work.

They can develop an audience large enough to attract talent agents.

This method has been successful for many individuals across a wide range of industries.

Laura Cleary, for example, is a well-known YouTube comedian. She has created a number of characters and sketches over the years, which have garnered a large following from those who are interested in Helen’s latest tactic to “smash.”

Multi-sources of income
Her performances gave her the opportunity to explore other ways of generating income, including sponsorships from Fab Fit Fun Boxes and a book deal.

She was able to expand her presence beyond YouTube, and monetize in multiple areas.

Ryan, a popular commenter on toys for children, is another example of someone who has earned additional opportunities through their YouTube channel.

Ryan began his YouTube career as a 6-year old, reviewing toys for his channel. His audience grew gradually, allowing him to be popular enough for toy companies to approach him about creating products.

If you visit popular stores like Target or Walmart today, you’ll see sections dedicated to the “Ryan’s World Toys” product line, which generates a huge income for this 7 year old and his family.

Step 5: Play by the Rules
YouTube allows for a lot of creative freedom, but there are still rules that must be followed. If you do not follow the rules of YouTube as we have discussed with Logan Paul above, you may face severe consequences, including a substantial cut in profits.

This list will help you make the most money on YouTube.

Youtube Rules
YouTube has a strict policy against hate speeches. It is against the rules to criticize others based on their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

YouTubers are also required to refrain from violating the copyright laws. This includes using popular music. No monetization is available for those who include the top 10 songs in their videos. Videos cannot contain graphic violence, disturbing or disgusting footage.

The last rule is open-ended. However, the general rule is that, if you are unsure if a content could violate the rule, it is best to leave it out.

YouTube won’t tolerate the release of personal information about users. This rule, along with all of the others, creates a safe and creative environment for content creators.

This also protects users who visit the site to view specific content.

By following the rules, viewers can be assured that they will not see anything they don’t want to.

What is the maximum you can earn?
We won’t ignore the elephant. We’re aware that we didn’t answer the question about how much YouTubers earn accurately.

There is no standard or measurable income average for YouTube content creators.

The possibility exists for those who have a YouTube channel and promote their content to earn millions of dollars per year. They also have the choice of earning nothing. This range may be fine for some.

Most YouTube creators create YouTube content purely for the benefit of others. Many creators are kind-hearted people who want to share valuable information with viewers. They may be looking for a way to showcase their artwork.

YouTube offers the opportunity for some to build a career around their hobbies or interests. Making money by doing what you love is a dream for creative people.

It’s even better when that passion becomes a career path that goes beyond YouTube. it’s even better.

The Bottom Line
To achieve the greatest financial gain on YouTube, creators of content must follow the above steps.

As with anything in life, success in the industry requires dedication and hardwork.

YouTube can also be a career with huge risks. YouTube is not guaranteed to be popular in five years, or even one.

YouTube could be history in six months.

If you want to earn money as a content creator, it is important to know that technology may change over time, and therefore, your income will not last.

YouTubers today are reaching new heights in terms of profitability and success, as well as expanding their expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think you have anything valuable, amusing, or useful that you would like to share.

In a year, we may be writing about the success of your YouTube channel. Get to work now!

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