Poshmark Review: Making Money by Selling Pre-Owned Clothing

Who doesn’t want a little more money these days? You can earn passive income through investments, your side hustle or a part-time gig.

Poshmark is one way I have found to earn some extra cash. In this Poshmark review I will show you how I buy and sell brand name items online using Poshmark.

My wife began selling guitars on eBay about two years ago, and I immediately started using Poshmark. Poshmark was created for specific items such as shoes and purses that I posted on eBay.

I wanted to see what it was like so I used a friend’s code for a $5 free. Then, I listed some of the items I had already listed on eBay as well as clothes that no longer fit me.

I could have taken these clothes to a clothing shop and made $2 per garment or sold them on Poshmark at 400% higher prices.

Naturally, I choose the latter.

I had never intended to buy anything from the app, until I found a listing which was a great deal for me. The sweater was a cute one-time worn item that only cost $11.

The referral credit that I had at the moment was enough to cover my purchase.

Poshmark is the best way to sell your clothes. Why would you go back to a resale store when Poshmark is available? Poshmark was a great way to earn money from a hobby.

Table of Contents
Poshmark Review
Poshmark: How to use it
Easy to List Items
You can also find out more about Cons
List Items for Sale
Pricing Items
Negotiating with Buyers
Shipping Items
Poshmark’s fees
Follow Your Fans
Posh Parties
Posh Perfect Ending
Poshmark Review
Poshmark: How to use it
Poshmark is now available on your mobile phone.

Add a profile photo
Add a header picture
Please fill in the following information.
Poshmark will house your listings in your “closet”.

It’s easy to sell items using the app thanks to the smooth processes that have been implemented.

Easy to List Items
It is so easy to list your items. You can list your item for free until it sells.

You can either take photos of the item, or choose photos already taken from your gallery. After you have selected your photos, you can then proceed to enter the information about the item, such as its size, category, and brand.

My favorite feature of the app is the section where you enter the original price and the listing price.

It will then show you your net earnings once the item has sold, including Poshmark’s fees. You will know your exact earnings.

Easy Shipping
Shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Poshmark will email you the shipping label once your item has sold. The next step is to print the shipping label, and attach it to the package so that your local post office can scan it.

All labels are USPS Priority Mail Shipping Labels.

You can also find out more about Cons
Not every aspect of an online reseller platform will be perfect. The app has some disadvantages, including constant social interaction with potential buyers. It is also not ideal for boutique-style shops.

Dealing with Picky Customers
Poshmark’s most irritating feature was the constant interaction that buyers sometimes demanded.

Some people will ask you questions about your item’s condition, its usage history, measurements, extra photos and other requests.

I get it. They’re trying to avoid being scammed.

After you have answered all their questions, you are completely ignored. This is what I don’t understand but it has happened to me several times.

Boutique Style Stores: Not the Best Choice
Poshmark offers the option to create a Seller Boutique if you are selling a lot of products.

Poshmark may not be the best option for this situation, however, if you compare the fees with other online platforms such as eBay or Letgo.

List Items for Sale
Listed items begin with photos, as we have already mentioned. This means that you need to take good photos.

Take Good Pictures
Poshmark Review – How to make money selling used clothing
The cheapest way to take photos is by using the natural light that comes in through our windows. When I list clothes or shoes on eBay, I place them on my couch with pillows and blankets that are aesthetically pleasing.

Poshmark sellers use mannequins to display the clothes and accessories. This is fine if you are looking to purchase a mannequin.

When it comes to taking great photos, the most important thing to remember is:

Natural light is the cheapest alternative.
Take as many pictures as possible from different angles.
Include any defects in the photos (stains, tears etc.).
Crafting Descriptions
To find the original description, I like to first look at the seller’s website.

I then copy and paste the description, and add a few lines about anything I want to tell the buyer. For example, how many times I have used it, any defects, like stains, measurement, material, color and size.

This is to add keywords and increase the chances of my item appearing in Poshmark’s search.

Pricing Items
Poshmark’s pricing is not much different from eBay. This is why I begin the pricing process by looking at eBay. Poshmark is the next step I do after I have checked what the average selling price of an item on eBay.

After I have done my research, I will price the item to be as competitive as possible. I take into consideration its condition as well as how it compares with other items that are already listed.

Negotiating with Buyers
This isn’t a con of the Poshmark App. It happens on all reseller platforms.

People will offer you insulting offers to buy your items for next to nothing. Poshmark is a place where people go to get a good deal.

Do not let others drag you down. Be firm about the price that you are willing to pay for the item. When an item has been on Poshmark for a long time, I may accept certain offers to get rid it.

You must decide for yourself if you’re willing to sell the item for a lower price than what you listed it at.

To avoid this type of hassle, you can set a minimum price for the item.
Bundles work well for this type of exchange. Say they give you $10 in exchange for a skirt that you had listed at $20.

You can also offer a $30 bundle if you have a similar skirt in your closet that you’d like to sell.

You will both be in the middle of that negotiation. They’ll get $5 off 2 skirts.

Shipping Items
Poshmark is great at shipping. They provide you with the label and all you have to do is attach it to the package.

You will need to buy your own packing materials.

It is much cheaper to buy boxes and bubblewrap separately than the packaging envelopes that come with bubble wrap inside. You can also reuse the smaller boxes you’ve received from Amazon in past deliveries.

Finishing touches
The buyers love receiving personalized notes with their orders. These are also a lot of fun to make.

In all my shipments, I include a personal thank-you note to the customer. It includes a message of thanks for their purchase and a positive blessing. A doodle can add a touch of creativity, especially if your are an artist.

I get great feedback from my customers on my thank-you notes.

When a seller receives a 5-star review, love notes appear on their About page. You will get more 5 stars if you receive more love notes. The more 5 star reviews you have the more reliable you are as a seller.

Poshmark’s fees
Poshmark’s policy on seller fees states that you are not charged a fee to list your products. When your item is sold, they will take their cut.

Poshmark charges include:

The flat rate is $2.95 for sales under $15
If you sell more than $15, your fee is 20% and you get to keep 80%.
You get the following for these fees:

Pre-paid shipping labels are available for free (payable by the purchaser)
Credit card processing is free
Posk Protect offers buyer protection and customer support
Sales tax is calculated automatically, collected and sent to the state in your name
Follow Your Fans
Poshmark allows you to build an audience quickly.

You can find your 4,582 followers by visiting the “Find People’ section under the account page.

The Poshmark ambassadors, and other new people. The majority of people who you follow will return the favor.

Start listing your closet after you have downloaded the app. You’ll get a flood of new followers, who are looking to find people in the “Find People”.

Posh Parties is a great way to get people to follow you. They can either do so by sharing your items or theirs, or they can find you and share them.

Posh Parties
The real money is at posh parties. Posh parties have been the sole reason for many of my sales.

Posh Parties are scheduled parties by the Poshmark Editor. They are for categories that are currently popular on the app. These are sharing parties, where sellers post to the party and other sellers then re-share their items. This increases everyone’s potential audience.

Posh Parties can be described as:

Fall Favorites Posh Party
Best in Jeans Posh Party
Everything Petite Posh Party
Party Street Style Posh
Posh Perfect Ending
It was hard for me at first to make sales because I expected things to sell quickly. You won’t sell much when you have a small audience and a few items.

Sales didn’t start until I listed at least 10 items and began actively participating in Posh Parties. Sales become much easier once you have your first few sales, along with the feedback and ratings of buyers.

This is a good tool to add to the other platforms that you may use to list your items for resale. It’s also great to get rid of clutter in your closet.

I would suggest that if you want to sell something quickly, you list it on both Poshmark as well as eBay. It’s worth trying. I have sold items on eBay before.

As always, have fun and keep experimenting!

This article was originally published on Wealth of Geeks. It has been republished by permission.