Boosting Income with 29 Profitable Hobbies: A Simple List for Money-Making Pursuits

You can make money with your hobby.

It can be exciting for people to consider or imagine this, as most people do not enjoy their full-time job.

The full-time job is a way for them to earn a living, pay their bills and provide for their family.

When you ask someone about their hobbies, you can see the passion and spark that comes to life. People enjoy working on projects they love!

You may also fit into the description above.

You can turn almost any hobby into a side job. Some could even be your full-time occupation!

Below, I have compiled a list of 29 money-making hobbies. You may find that some of these hobbies can help you make money or show you your earning potential.

Table of Contents
Online Money Making Hobbies
You can make money from anywhere with these easy to do hobbies
Money-making Hobbies for Seniors
Final Thoughts
Online Money Making Hobbies
The internet has opened up many new opportunities for people to make money through their hobbies.

  1. Freelancer
    Freelancing is a great way to earn money if you are good at something, such as digital marketing, programming, or writing. To get paid work, you can start by reaching out to your friends and family, as well as online networks.

You can also look for freelance websites that offer paid work. Check out these popular freelance websites:

Work Upwards

  1. Start a Blog
    Blogging is my favorite hobby that makes money. I enjoy digital marketing, writing and learning how to build a blog that generates income.

There is a huge market for almost every topic.

You can convert your passion into a profitable blog through advertising, affiliate marketing and brand partnerships. Selling digital assets, sponsored reviews or content, or selling the blog for a lump-sum amount of money are all ways to make money.

You should be aware that blogging can be difficult and it takes time to earn money. After blogging for over a decade, I am only now generating consistent monthly income.

If you enjoy writing about a particular topic, you can expect to see your income increase.

  1. Sell Your Art & Crafts
    Are you a talented artist or craftsperson? There are people who will buy your product, whether you like it or not.

The arts and crafts category has a lot of things to offer.

You can also find out more about the following:
Gift Cards
You can also sell your artwork through websites such as Etsy or Society6, which will make it easier to find your work.

  1. Dropshipping
    This can be applied to your current hobby, even if it is more of a side business.

Dropshipping has become very popular in recent years, and can be an excellent way to learn about how to start your own business.

You do not need to keep any goods on hand. Instead, you transfer customer orders, along with the details of the shipment, to the manufacturer, another retailer or wholesaler. Then they ship it for your.

Exemple: Let’s say you love working on cars. You can turn your passion into a business selling car parts to car enthusiasts.

Dropshipping can be done through your online store, such as Shopfiy, or through eBay.

  1. Flipping Items Online
    Are you passionate about antiques, or do you enjoy finding and selling certain products? Flipping these items can be an easy way to earn extra cash on eBay or Craigslist.

Let’s say, for example, you have a lot of knowledge about vintage watches. You could make a profit if you clean up the watches and find them at a good price.

Start by looking for items that are discounted, like $10. You can then sell the item for more than $10, $25, $50 or even $100.

You can sell anything that has a good margin and is in demand.

  1. Graphic Design
    Graphic design was my passion at the time. I used to design various things on my computer in my free time.

I found some sites that allow you to make extra money by doing graphic design work, such as 99Designs or Crowdspring.

These sites are a great way to get paid for your design work. You can create logos, brochures or web layouts.

You can make money from your graphic design in other ways, such as creating stock graphics for others to buy on Creative Market.

  1. Youtube Channel
    It’s crazy. I’ve heard this from my family and friends a number of times.

It can be a lucrative hobby, even though I am not sure it’s the best career choice.

YouTube can be a great source of income if you’re not afraid to appear in front the camera.

You have to follow the rules of YouTube and you don’t really control what they do.

You can earn money by including ads or sponsorships in your videos. Or, you could review affiliates, and link to them.

Youtube is the largest video platform in the world and has every possible topic. There’s no doubt that you will find a market. It takes time, just like with blogging, to build an audience.

  1. Start a Podcast
    You probably know by now that podcasting is a huge online phenomenon.

It seems that everyone and almost every business is creating a podcast. Do not let this discourage you, because people love discovering new podcasts!

As with blogging and YouTube, you shouldn’t expect to see immediate income or payouts. You need to build an audience. If you are passionate about the topic and have great ideas, starting a podcast could be an excellent idea.

Your podcast can be tied into your blog, dropshipping or business to increase sales and reach.

You can monetize a podcast with ads, sponsorships or by talking about your products.

  1. Flipping Websites
    The digital real estate market is booming, and websites are so important that it’s an excellent way to earn money. You don’t have to start a dropshipping or blog if your hobby is digital marketing or working on websites.

You can instead buy cheap websites, make some improvements, and then resell them for a profit. It’s a great side gig and some people even make it their full-time job.

It is not necessary to be an expert in digital marketing, but having some knowledge can give you an advantage. Many domain registrars offer domains and websites to sell. You can also go to Flippa.

  1. Social Media
    Social media should not be a surprise to anyone who is looking for hobbies that can make money. Social media platforms are the most popular on the internet, and they’re how brands and people stay in touch.

How can you earn money using social media? There are a few different ways to make money from social media, and it all depends on your passion and knowledge.

Influencers are paid by brands for their posts if you’ve grown your audience to a large number. Celebrities are usually the ones who get six-figure deals. However, anyone with social engagement and a few thousand fans can earn some extra cash.

Many companies also outsource their social media account management. You can work as a social media consultant for companies and be paid.

  1. Video Games Streaming
    Am I right to say that this is a great time to be alive? This concept was first introduced to me in the early days when Twitch was a new platform. People pay to watch others play video games.

Twitch was a strange concept at first. It has taken off. Twitch users with large or decent audiences are making tons of money.

Video games have been a favorite hobby for a while, but they are now transforming into careers.

You can earn money by streaming video games, asking your audience to donate, creating a subscription service or even getting sponsored as a professional and entering tournaments.

You can also make money by sharing videos on other platforms, such as YouTube.

  1. Online Tutor
    You can become an online teacher if you have a special expertise in a particular subject.

You have many options, whether it is to work with children, adults or create an online course for others.

You can teach a variety of subjects but if you are a specialist in specialized ones, like English, Math, or Science, you will be paid the most. Some people consider math to be a hobby…yuck.

You can choose to tutor other people in any subject you like.

This is a nice list of tutoring online from work and home websites.

  1. Investing
    I wasn’t certain I would include investing as a pastime, but after more thought it seemed to make more sense.

Investing is a popular hobby for many people. It can be a way to make money. The challenge is that investing can be a risky business. You also need to put some money down upfront, and are willing to lose it.

Many investing hobbies are related to the stock market, property, or other businesses. You can earn money by investing as a pastime.

Individual Stocks: Buying and Selling
Stocks that pay monthly dividends
Real Estate Crowdfunding sites
Angel investing (Takes larger capital)
Peer-to-Peer lending

  1. Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA is a good option if you like the idea of online shopping and selling, but blogging doesn’t appeal to you.

You can now create your own private label business without having to physically store goods.

Amazon will handle the shipping for you, and your store can be built directly through your Amazon seller account.

This is too complex to discuss here. If this is something that interests you, this article might be of interest.

29 Hobbies that make money [The simple list to boost income]
You can make money from anywhere with these easy to do hobbies
The section before this one focused on online money-making hobbies. Some of the hobbies listed below are also ones that can be done from home.

  1. Photographs
    Photography is one of the hobbies that you can do to make money. Photographing can be a business-oriented hobby or a very artistic one, depending on the approach and your interests.

You can earn money by taking photos of your family and children, or professional headshots. Other options include weddings, engagements and maternity sessions, as well as sports, concerts and traveling.

If you are really good at stock photography, magazines and brands may approach you for contract work.

You could also sell prints individually or create a collection of your images. You can see that there are many ways to turn your hobby of photography into a side business.

  1. Woodworking
    Woodworking and carpentry are truly art forms. There is a market out there for those who have the talent to excel at their hobby.

There is also less competition, which means that there is a greater demand for high-quality woodwork.

You can earn money by doing a few things. You can make money by repairing furniture, creating furniture from scratch or customizing something with wood.

You can start a woodworking blog, DIY YouTube channel or online store if you want to grow.

  1. Exercise
    You can earn money without going to school or getting certified in fitness and exercise.

You may be able to earn money if you have a hobby that you enjoy, such as working out.

You can work out and earn money at the same time.

Some states may require certification, but it is worth it if it is something you’re passionate about and you want to make some money.

  1. Musicians
    Are you able to read and play music? Do you have an ear for music? You can earn money in the music industry by doing a variety of things.

You may have always wanted to be a musician, but your life has taken a different path. It’s okay, and you don’t have to abandon your passion for music!

You can earn money by using your passion for music. You can become a music instructor on the side or a session musician in a recording studio. Or you could perform at local venues.

At my previous internship, I worked with a guy who was a DJ in local bars and clubs at night. He taught at a college by day. He was able to earn money from his hobby while still working a full-time job.

  1. Coaching sports
    You love sports but have never been a professional athlete. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never make money from sports.

You can find many opportunities in local recreational leagues. You can keep yourself busy with your favorite hobby all year long if you are skilled in different sports.

You can begin with local recreational sports or YMCA or you can move on to schools or refereeing larger events, depending on your level.

Swimming, tennis, football, golf, and soccer are all sports that can be coached.

  1. Pet Sitting & Grooming
    Who doesn’t love pets, right? I know that not everyone loves pets (are you human?). If you enjoy working with animals there are plenty of money-making opportunities. Dog walking and pet sitting are two common options.

You can be a dog walker or pet sitter, but people also need groomers.

You can also become a mobile groomer. Grooming isn’t for everyone as it isn’t always easy. This is a great option.

  1. Gardening & Landscaping
    I consider gardening and landscape design to be an art. Many people don’t like to do it, or simply have no time. If you are passionate about it, you could help.

This money-making hobby includes a variety of things, such as: mowing the lawn, mulching, planting, building decks, powerwashing snow, leaf, and other debris, etc.

Though it may sound more like a job than a pastime, I do know some people who love to be creative in their landscaping.

  1. Baking
    Baking isn’t my thing but I love eating baked goods.

You can make money by selling your delicious treats. You can sell your baked goods at bake sales or local farmers’ markets.

You could also ask local bakeries or shops if they would sell your baked goods. Asking is not a guarantee, but it’s worth a shot!

If you love baking, you could start your own business. People love homemade cookies, cakes and muffins.

  1. Decorating & Styling
    Have you ever had a vision of how a particular room should look? Do you have friends and family who ask you to decorate their homes in a certain way? You can earn money by decorating.

Helping other homeowners is a great way to start. You could also help realtors set up homes for sales or commercial businesses with their design.

You can make money by becoming an interior designer consultant. You could also sell home decor items or your knowledge online.

  1. Make-up and Beauty
    You can become a make-up consultant or artist if you are passionate about makeup and beauty.

Weddings are the first thing that comes to mind! You can earn good money if you help with fashion shows or other events.

You can also create your own beauty or make-up line. You can sell your products at tradeshows, online or in local shops.

Guess what? You can also blog, start a YouTube channel, or create a podcast with your knowledge to make money.

29 Hobbies that make money [The simple list to boost income]
Money-making Hobbies for Seniors
Some of these hobbies could also be excellent money-making hobbies for retirees. Making money with your hobby is possible at any age!

There are still options available to you, even if you’re older.

Here are a few more hobbies that I haven’t covered yet for retirees:

  1. Golfing
    If you’re good, consider working in the club store and/or giving lessons. It’s a great way to work with others and spend time on the golf course.
  2. Organizing
    Are you an expert in organizing and detailing? You could earn money by working part-time for people or businesses.
  3. Gardening
    You can also make money by gardening. You can sell flowers and food at flea market and set up a local booth at events. It’s a good way to earn some money, meet new people and enjoy watching people enjoy your produce.
  4. Inn-sitter
    You can help out at an inn by cooking and cleaning, and you’ll get to travel. It could also be at bed and breakfasts. This could be an option for you if cooking, traveling, and new experiences are hobbies that you enjoy in retirement.
  5. Teaching
    Anyone who is willing to pay for something that someone wants to learn, or is in demand of it, is also willing to learn. You can share your skills with others. Card games, DIY projects, cooking, specific subjects, art, etc.

Retirement can be a great time to pursue hobbies that are profitable. There are many more options, but this list should help you get started.

What can I earn from my hobby?
It is impossible to say how much money you can make from your hobby. Your skills and your willingness to work are what determine how much you can earn.

Some people want to earn extra money from their hobbies, but not everyone. That’s awesome!

Many of the above options can be turned into full-time work where you are your own boss. Who wouldn’t want to make money at home from their hobby?

What are the best hobbies to make money?
Which of these hobbies are the most profitable? Personaly, I do not think that there is an answer to this question.

It’s about finding out which is best for you. You will have to make the final decision. Everyone has different strengths, interests, and skills.

It’s tempting to choose the property with the highest potential for profit, but this is not the best option.

Why? You might not enjoy the hobby. If you aren’t interested, you will also be less motivated to do it.

If you’re unsure about what to do, try a few things until you find something you enjoy.

How can I turn my hobby into a small business?
Find a client willing to pay you for your service, product or expertise. Your work will grow in demand as the word spreads. You can make it your full-time job if you’re passionate about it.

Final Thoughts
These money-making hobbies should give you an idea of what’s possible. You can make money from other hobbies.

Asking yourself some questions about the hobby that you wish to turn into a source of income is important.

Does my hobby have a market that would pay?
What are the skills and services that I can offer to people?
How quickly can I make money?
Do I really need to make money now or am I fine with waiting?
You can use these tips to determine if a hobby is worthwhile and worth your time.

Remember: there’s probably a market for almost everything you know or do. The question is: will you take advantage of the opportunity?