The Importance of Eliminating the Phrase, ‘It Must Be Nice,’ from Our Vocabulary

It must be nice.

We all know it, whether we’ve said it or heard it thrown around in a loose way.

Now, I cringe whenever I hear it.

I’m not trying to be condescending. But as a group and as a culture, we must get rid of this phrase. Immediately.

What is the reason? This phrase is like biting our nails, but we can stop it with more practice and understanding.

Here are three reasons I believe we should stop using the phrase “It must feel nice”

Negative mindset can be a problem
Saying “It must seem nice” when referring to someone’s financial status or their possessions that are better than yours can instantly make me negative.

Can you ever get positive from negative thoughts? Wait, I will wait.

Answer: No. This phrase makes you negative, and it puts you in a bad state of mind.

You may think that you are not capable of improving yourself or being inspired by that person.

If you think that something is impossible, you may feel frustrated, helpless or even “why bother?”

It’s easier to say than do. Even though I have removed “Must Be Nice” from my vocabulary I am still able to be a little negative. It’s a common habit that is hard to break.

What you put out there will come back to you. It can be difficult to deal with bad situations in life. But putting out more positivity is better.

In 2014, I had very little money saved. I was in debt for student loans, a car loan and credit card debt. I thought that saving $10,000 was impossible. People with more money or better jobs must have the ability to save much faster.

Once I stopped thinking of this as impossible and started working, I soon realized that I could do it. Now I am approaching $60,000 in savings with all my loans almost entirely paid off and on track to surpass $100,000 in the next year.

Holds you back
This phrase is something I think holds you back in your life or finances. You may not be at the same level or have everything that someone else has.

Remember to focus on yourself and not compare yourself with others.

You shrug and say “It must just be nice” instead of working hard and trying to be the best.

It’s not the same for everyone. I don’t want to generalize.

Many of my colleagues who say this have literally done nothing to improve their own situation.

It’s easier to say we’ll change something, but never actually do it. But I believe the “Must Be Nice” mentality keeps us from achieving.

You may not be aware of other circumstances
It is easy to judge other people and those who are outside without knowing their real circumstances. There will always be someone who inherits money, a job, or a business from their family. That’s life!

You also don’t know the amount of work someone has put in to reach their current position.

It sounds like you’re minimizing what they did/have or what they own when you say “It must have been nice”. It looks easy.

This has happened to me and my friends.

By 30, he has built his business, invested and saved wisely. During conversations with people who don’t know him well, some have said, “Wow, that must be nice.”

I cringe.

This level took him nearly 10 years to achieve. It took him a long time to reach this level.

It’s not that those people deliberately acted rude. The statement is misleading because it makes my friend seem as if she got everything over night.

This made me reflect on the many times I have said something simple and how it may have affected others.

This is an appeal to ban “It has to be nice” and any variations of the phrase.