Understanding Free Stocks: What You Need to Know and How to Obtain Them

Have you ever received a random message from a friend with a unique link to an investment platform that promised you a free share?

You’re already distracted by your daily life, but now you have to decide whether you want to take advantage of the offer of a free share or ignore it.

It’s true: investing might be overwhelming at first but it is the best way to build and achieve wealth. Beginners can also invest. It is possible to invest as a beginner and you do not need to be an expert in investing.

Many investing platforms offer cash or free stock for signing up. We will show you how to take advantage of the sign-up bonus offered by investing platforms.

Get a list of free Stocks
You can App or Broker Your Bonus Fees
You get two free Webull stocks! Webull Two free stocks!
Subscribe for as little as $1 per month and get $5 to $10 off your first deposit
Create an account to get a free Robinhood One stock
Register for free to get one Dough stock
Create an account and get $5 in BTC without depositing any money.
Buy stocks for as little as $1 and win $1,000 with SoFi Invest
Subscribe to $5 for free and get $5 back in stock
Create an account to receive $10 off your first purchase.
MyConstant: $7 interest returned to $50 via direct deposit when you open a new account
Unifimoney Deposit $1000 for reward and get $25 up to $1,000 in Bitcoin
M1 Finance 30 to invest $100 Deposit
Deposit $10 for Groundfloor Stocks and Get $20 Free
Firstrade two free stocks Deposit $100 none
DiversyFund $50 Amazon Gift Card Create a New Account None
E-trade Stocks with bonus of $25 to $1,000 with transfers between $5,000 and above None
How to get free stocks (Step-by-step)
First, let’s start with the basics. The majority of free stock offers are part of a sign up bonus. You can also earn free stocks by:

Signing up
Make an initial deposit of $100, $100,00 or $1,0000,00
Waiting for a specific period of time (usually 30 days) to receive your free stock
Transferring to a new platform from an existing one
Demand is the main reason why many offers of free stock or cash are made. Investing in stocks used to be reserved for those who had the means.

Discount brokerage firms allow the average person to invest online. All investing platforms and apps were forced to compete with each other for new investors.

Discount brokerages offer new investors incentives like free stock, cash to invest and even gift cards just for joining. Here we will expand on the list of 15 best platforms to get free stock!

These are the 15 best platforms for free stocks

  1. Get 2 Stocks Free with Webull
    Webull has quickly become one of the most popular online trading platforms. The two free stocks are a nice bonus, but it is not the reason for its success.

Webull, one of our newest trading platforms is also one of those companies that offers free stock trading. You can get free stock by creating an account with Webull and making a $100 deposit.

Here’s a screenshot showing the two free shares my friend received this month.

WeBull My Free Stock
Webull will choose the two stocks at random. You could end up with a stock worth $1850 for just starting your investment journey with Webull!

Deposit $100 and get 2 Free Stocks! Deposit $100 and pay no fees!

  1. Acorns
    Acorns was ranked second in our ranking of the best stock free offers, based on many factors, including its popularity, ease-of-use, and options.

The platform was originally a spare-change investing app. It is now a unique platform that allows new account holders to earn up to $10 to purchase stocks. Spare change apps are those that round up your purchases. Acorns will round up your purchase if, for instance, you spent $4.55 in the store to $5.00. It then places the $.55 into a holding account, until it reaches $5, and invests on your behalf.

You can choose whether to invest additional money in addition to the roundups. The platform allows you to open retirement accounts and bank. You can also choose your level of aggression with their platform, and see a list of the places where their robo-advisor invests your money.

Acorns has a subscription pricing model, with monthly fees starting at $1 and ranging up to $9.

Subscribe for as little as $1 per month and get $5-10 when you sign up.

  1. Robinhood
    Robinhood is in the spotlight for all the wrong things after the GameStop stock market debacle, but as the pioneers of free stock games, they deserve a place on this list.

Robinhood, a free stock trading app that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and options on top of managing your cash, is very popular among younger investors.

Robinhood is one of the first companies to offer free shares. Robinhood will give you up to $250 worth of free stocks for just creating an account. No minimum deposits, no transaction fee, no strings attached.

Once you create your account, you will have 60 days to claim the free stock. You can then sell it back for cash. The cash value in your account must remain there for at least 30 days before it can be cashed out.

Create an account to get a free Robinhood 1 stock

  1. Dough
    What is Dough?

Download Dough, an investment app for your smartphone and receive one free stock!

It’s pretty simple. Download the app, create an online account and get one free share. This stock’s value is usually not high, but a free share is still a stock.

Dough 1 Free Stock Create an Account None

  1. Coinbase
    Coinbase has over 50 million users. You read it right. 50 million users. And this company was only founded in 2012. Coinbase is quickly becoming the most popular app for buying cryptocurrencies. However, unlike many of the stock trading apps already mentioned, you can get $5 in Bitcoin just by signing up.

No deposit required
No strings attached
No Fees
Create an account and get $5 in BTC without depositing any money.

  1. SoFi Invest
    SoFi is a financial company that you may be familiar with from its student loan days, but it has also become a leader when it comes to investing. SoFi invest allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, IPOs and crypto.

SoFi has been growing rapidly, and is a platform worth considering. It’s also nice to know that you could receive $1,000 (.028%) as well. You can invest yourself in crypto, stocks or ETFs, or you can let SoFi create a portfolio using free automated investing.

SoFi Invest 1 stock free with a deposit & a chance to win $1,000 when you buy stocks.

  1. Stash
    Stash is more than a catchy title, because the platform that “does it all” in terms of finance and investing has grown from 1 million users to 5 million by 2020.

Stash offers a monthly subscription starting at $1.2, which is a lot cheaper than some of the free stock companies mentioned previously. One of Stash’s biggest selling points, aside from the ability to invest in stocks, is the wealth of financial advice and literature that it offers.
The $5 bonus is a nice touch, but the real benefit is that they teach you how to diversify your portfolio. They also offer custodial and banking accounts3, the ability to create IRA accounts5, and the chance to get $5 when you sign-up and add at least $5 to your Personal Portfolio.

Subscribe to $5 for free and get $5 back in stock

  1. Public
    Public, a platform that focuses on Gen Z and Millennials investing, offers $10 cash for stock purchases and commission-free trades. In a way, you get $10 worth of free stock when you sign up for the Public app.

Create an account to receive $10 off your first purchase.

  1. MyConstant
    MyConstant is not just about the $7 cashback. Constant offers an alternative to the platforms that offer free trading.

MyConstant is a peer to peer lending platform that allows you to diversify your investment. You invest money to allow others to borrow it, and you get a guaranteed 7% return.

How it works

Sign up for MyConstant, a free account.
Constant will deposit the $4000 bonus for a 4% APY in 15 days.
After 15 days they can claim the bonus, but you get to keep the interest.
This is to demonstrate the power of the program. Constant is a great alternative to free stock!

MyConstant pays $7 interest on a $50 deposit when you open a new MyConstant account

  1. Unifimoney
    You’re tired of the same old investing. Unifimoney allows you to do more than just invest. You can also bank, purchase metals, obtain insurance, apply for a credit card and manage all of your financial affairs in one place.

It’s a great platform for both new and experienced investors. The platform offers a robo-advisor as well as self-directed investment strategies. The current promotion does not include a free stock but rather $25 worth of Bitcoin.

Unifimoney Deposit $1000 for reward and get $25 up to $1,000 in Bitcoin

  1. M1 Finance
    M1 is a leading robo-advisor, and unlike many others, it’s free. You will receive $30 for a new investment account when you sign up.

M1 Finance’s pie charts are easy to understand. M1 Finance is a robo-advisor similar to Acorns, in that it will invest your money based on the preferences you select.

You don’t need to be a financial guru to use the M1 Plus program. M1 Plus and lending are how they make money. With their robo-investing platform, they do it for you. They are motivated to ensure that your account is successful.

M1 Finance 30 to invest $100 Deposit

  1. Ground Floor
    Groundfloor, another alternative investment platform, will also give you money to make your initial deposit. Unlike most other sign-up offers, you will receive $20 to invest. Groundfloor’s real-estate crowdfunding is similar in that it allows you to invest in property without having to purchase expensive commercial real estate.

For a limited period, you can transfer money to your account and earn an additional $20 sign up bonus!

Spend $20 on the Ground Floor and Deposit $10

  1. Firstrade
    We hope you haven’t had enough of the free stock you may be earning. But we still have one more to offer you. Firstrade offers a $100 deposit bonus and a referral bonus of ten free stocks.

Firstrade selects free stocks valued between $3 and $10. The low-cost broker also offers you free commissions on stock trades. Learn more by clicking below!

Firstrade 2 Free Stocks Deposit $100 None

  1. Diverse
    You don’t have enough money to purchase a multifamily dwelling unit. DiversyFund is a platform for crowdfunding that offers $50 to new users when they create an account.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms are similar to Groundfloor. They pool money (your investment), and lend it to investors in real estate. You get a return on your investment when the property is sold. This is a great long-term option for investing!

DiversyFund $50 Amazon Gift Card Create a New Account None

  1. E-trade
    E-trade is one of the first online trading platforms. You may remember it from the baby commercials. The platform still allows you to buy and trade stocks, even with all the other programs that have flooded the market.

In order to compete with free stock companies like Webull and Robinhood, E-trade has lowered its trading fees. It also offers free stock when you deposit a certain amount into your new account. Cash credit will be increased when your net deposit meets a minimum. To get a credit card that allows you to purchase stocks, your minimums will be higher than those on the list.

Minimum deposit of $50 for $10,000 to $19,999
Minimum deposit of $100 for $20,000 to $24,999
Minimum deposit of $200 on purchases between $25,000-$99999
Minimum deposit of $300 on orders between $100,000 and $199,999
Minimum deposit of $200,000 to $499,999 is $600
Minimum deposit of $1,200 for amounts between $500,000 and $9999
$2,500, minimum deposit of$1,000,000-$1,499,999
Minimum deposit of $1,500,000+ is $3,000
A $50 or a free share might not seem much if you have more than $10,000. If you want to switch to E-trade then simply follow these steps:

Open a new E*TRADE retirement or brokerage account.
Enter the promo code “BONUS21” when you open a new account. Promo code BONUS21 can only be used once per account.
Etrade Stocks with transfer bonuses of $25 to $1,000 when a deposit is $5,000 or more
Question and Answers on Free Stock
Is “Free Stocks Legit”?
Yes, free stock apps and investing platforms are legitimate. Each of these online options are competitors. These platforms are able to offer free stock for signup because they are competing for traders. To encourage more investors to open accounts, these platforms also reward those who do so.

What are the tax implications for free stock?
Tax advice says that as long as you do not sell or collect dividends from your free stock, you will not be liable for any tax on the stock. You will receive a 1099 for any capital gains that exceed $600, but you are technically responsible for reporting.

Final Thoughts
Virtual trading offers a variety of investment options, including ETF trading and mutual funds. There are many ways to obtain free stocks, including automated trading, low or no flat rates, and no trade commission fees.

Are you ready to invest on the internet? Which online investment options is best for you? When you receive investment advice, use the right research tools to find out what is best for your account.

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